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Orz and the Arilou do not differ that much, and no one of them is "good" or "evil", though they have different ways, political views. Heed this IRC chat quote:

<Mephisto_> Fwiffo: What exactly did the Arilou *quickbabies* do to piss off the Orz so much?
<Fwiffo> The Arilou always *jumped in front*, which was both a physical taunt as well as a political one. They got to the humans first.

Also, they both want to "change" us according to their views; we are "children" for Arilou and "*campers*" for Orz. We are part of the Arilou "extended family", but Orz wants us to be part of his extended family.

They both have things to hide:
Orz: "Busy is because Orz have reason. It is secret for *campers*."; "Do you want to see our *surprising toys*? No!! Do Not!!"
Arilou: Too many things to quote here.

They both argue in the same way about the others:
Arilou (about Orz): "Perhaps you know of the Orz. Like us, they are dimensional travellers but that is where our similarity ends. Do not trust the Orz, my Human Captain. They are dangerous.";
Orz (about the Arilou): "We are from *outside*. Also the Arilou *quick babies* are from *outside*. It is the same, but not. [...] Orz does not like Arilou. Arilou are too much trouble."