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A work in progress

This page is a work in progress. And although I wish that I were the only one to make it, if someone does edit this page, it would be appreciated if they use the following techniques:

  • 'Original' work only! No copying from other guides for Star Control 1 or 2, and no copy or pasting from other parts of this wiki. All work must by hand typed and original.
  • 'Order' every step so it is in the order of how it would normally be executed. These include not only categories, but the individual steps in those categories.
  • 'Separate' compulsory quests (ones that need to be completed to finish the game) which go at the top of the guide and optional quests (ones that don't need to be completed to finish the game) that go in their own section at the bottom of the guide.
  • 'Detail' every step. Leave no stone unturned. If the player needs to go to a planet, print the name of the planet (for example 'Delta Gorno, Planet II'), the hyperspace co-ordinates of the constellation (for example '285.0 : 025.0'), and if you have to visit the moon, amend X after the planet number (where X is the amount of moons from the sun using the lowercase alphabet, for example 'Zeta Centauri Ia'). All up, if someone had to visit the first moon of the first planet of Zeta Centauri, you should print something like 'Zeta Centauri, Planet Ia (146.3 : 077.9)'.
  • 'Link' whatever text you can do other pages in this wiki so people will be able to see what you are talking about.
  • 'Add' style to all of the steps. Don't have it all in one paragraph. The preferable ordering would be * (indentation). Also use headings so users can see what they are going to do next.
  • 'Keep' hints, comments, and links separate from the other content to avoid confusion by encasing them in a styled box like this:

The hint, comment, or link you want to display goes in a box like this.

Welcome to the Ur-Quan Masters walkthrough guide. This page details every step you need to complete in order to win the game so if you get lost, you can find out what you need to do next right here. If anything is missing, or not yet complete, it is because this page is still being worked on.

NOTE: Save your game on a regular basis. Usually saving before leaving constellations, after acquiring alien artifacts, or completing quests are the preferable place to save, as sometimes things go wrong, and if you save too often, you wont be able to go back and correct a mistake you have made.

Starting the game

When you first start the game, you will be at the south edge of the constellation known as Sol (175.2 : 145.0). This is our solar system and consists of our 9 neighboring planets and their moons.

  • The first thing you will want to do is head to Earth, the third planet from the sun. When you arrive, a drone will fly out and converse with you. The alien you meet on screen are the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za and are your enemies. However, this is only a recording and the drone will let you go this first time, but any encounters with them, or a related race known as the Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah, in the future will likely result in an attack on your starship, a Precursor vehicle known as the Vindicator at the start of the game.
  • When you finish conversing with the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za drone, make your way to the Starbase and talk to Commander Hayes. He will explain what happened to Earth and what he needs in order to get the Starbase back online.
  • When you finish talking to Commander Hayes, and you know what minerals you have to get to repair the base, make you way to Mercury. Warning! Mercury is a very hot planet. While it is possible to dodge the heat coming from the surface of the planet, a first timer would be best off landing near the minerals, collecting and quickly flying back to the starship to re-crew. If your landing shuttle explodes, you must go back to the Starbase and acquire another one from Commander Hayes, which, with such a slow ship, is a very long and annoying process.

NOTE: This walkthrough guide does not include how to gather minerals from the planets surface. However, you can visit such pages as Lander Hints for help on this subject.

HINT: Although your ship is really slow at first, as you acquire more RU (Resource Units) and better technology from Melnorme, you will be able to make it faster, better at turning, and a lot stronger.

  • After getting some radioactivity material, head back to the Starbase and give them to Commander Hayes. When he fixes the Starbase, introduce yourself. When he tells you about the alien base on the moon, go visit it and don't worry about the robots moving on the moons surface. They are harmless. When you finish reading the report, go back to the Starbase.
  • When you get back, and converse with Commander Hayes, an Ilwrath avenger arrives and jams the transmission. This is where you will get your first fighting practice. When you finish fighting, the transmission from the Starbase will resume. When you choose the name of the new empire you are going to rule over, the Starbase will be remade so it can service your Precursor vehicle.

NOTE: Along with minerals, this walkthrough guide does not include techniques/tips for fighting enemies. However, you can visit Fighting Hints for help.

  • At first, you won’t have much RU to spend on ship upgrades, fuel, or new cruisers but as you gather more minerals and offload them at the Starbase your RU will increase allowing you to buy new things. When you have your ship the way you want, head towards Pluto. Scan for Energy, land near the source, and touch it. Most of your lander crew will be killed and your landing shuttle will return to your ship, but you will be able to meet Fwiffo, a member of the cowardly Spathi race willing to join your alliance later on.
  • Talk to him about everything but make sure you don't choose the options to attack him. Make sure you also jot down the co-ordinates of his home world, Spathiwa where you will travel to soon. Eventually he agrees to come aboard your fleet and you will then have just acquired yourself a Spathi Eluder.

Gaining Allies

Some alien races are very friendly. So friendly in fact, that they give you a couple of their ships or even the ship designs. This proves handy for defending yourself. Some even have devices with them, or on one of their planets that you need to complete the game. The quicker you make allies, the safer you'll be. Below are 4 alien races that can become your allies.

The Spathi

The Spathi are one of the first race you can encounter, and are one of the few races that will agree to join Earth on the quest to destroy the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za and Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah so it’s best you become their allies as soon as you can.

  • Because the Spathi are cowards, you will find them hiding on the moon of their home planet of Spathiwa, also known as Epsilon Gruis Ia, because their planet is overrun by 'Evil Ones'. Make your way to that moon. If you are met by Spathi ships before reaching it, converse with them and try to talk your way out of a fight.
  • When you enter the moon, go to the Spathi High Council by conversing with them, and give them the secret cipher 'Huffi-Muffi-Guffi' that Fwiffo gave you on the planet of Pluto. Talk to them and get them to agree to an alliance if you rid their home world of the 'Evil Ones'.
  • Make your way down to their home planet and land on the surface using your landing shuttle. Get rid of all of the 'Evil Ones'. You can also collect the minerals if you want too, but it is not compulsory. Once all bio life forms are removed, go back to the moon and tell them that you have completed their task. They will then ask you to come back later.
  • Go straight back to the moon, and ask about an alliance. Keep demanding and even threaten to bring the 'Evil Ones' out of suspended animation. Eventually they agree to an alliance and you can make your way back home.
  • Later on in the game, the Spathi territory region disappears from your Starmap because they (the Spathi) slave shield their planet to protect themselves from enemies. When this happens, go back to Epsilon Gruis Ia, scan for energy and go to the source. Here you will acquire the Umgah HyperWave Broadcaster which the Spathi give to you as a gift. This device will be used later on in the game, plus it can be used in Hyperspace to call Melnorme, the trader.

The Pkunk

The Pkunk are a friendly race who are willing to assist your cause without persuasion. Their ships, The Fury, have regenerating capabilities and speed that make fighting enemies a lot easier. They also possess the Clear Spindle, a device needed later on in the game.

  • Make sure you have 4 empty spaces in your fleet. When the Pkunk become your allies they will donate 4 ships to you and you must have room to receive them.

HINT: To get rid of some ships in your fleet, either scrap them at the Starbase by removing the crew from them (and getting your RU back), or match them against a superior opponent in a fight (you will loose the RU you spent on them this way).

  • Travel to Gamma Krueger I (052.2 : 052.5) and converse with them. The Pkunk are a friendly race, and so as long as do not to attack them or insult them, they are willing to help you almost immediately. You will also get the 4 ships as described above and the Clear Spindle. Warning. Although you get 4 Pkunk ships, you do not get their plans for making more at your Starbase, so make them last as long as you can.

The Orz

The Zoq-Fot-Pik

Allying with the Zoq-Fot-Pik gives you access to their ship design, the . Even though the Zoq-Fot-Pik's ships are not as strong as some other ships you can get, the Zoq-Fot-Pik are better to have as allies, than enemies.

Collecting Devices

These items are needed later on in the game. You must complete the quests in the order they are shown.

Clear Spindle

The Clear Spindle is one of three devices used to repair the Broken Ultron for the Utwig.

  • Refer to the Pkunk ally quest.

Rosy Sphere

The Rosy Sphere is the second device needed to repair the Broken Ultron for the Utwig.

Aqua Helix

The Aqua Helix is the third and final device needed to repair the Broken Ultron for the Utwig.

Broken Ultron

Finally, the last piece. The Broken Ultron itself.

A Powerful Bomb

Taalo Shield

The Taalo Shield is a device that stops the Dnyarri from being able to control you mind. Since you will get a Dnyarri soon, this device is important.

Talking Pet

Burvix Caster


Chmmr Upgrades

Final Quest

Optional Quests

These tasks are optional. While helpful, they do not need to be completed in order to finish the game.


Portal Destinations

Hyper Space Destination Quasi Space Portal
Arcturas (921.0 x 610.4) 468.0 x 464.0
Arilou Entrance (043.8 x 637.2) 500.0 x 500.0
Arilou Space (036.8 x 633.2) 544.0 x 532.0
Delta Lyncis (565.7 x 971.2) 448.0 x 504.0
Druuge Space (973.5 x 315.3) 488.0 x 538.0
Heart of Ur-Quan (589.9 x 621.3) 520.0 x 540.0
Ilwrath Space (005.0 x 164.7) 492.0 x 492.0
Mycon Space (567.3 x 120.7) 516.0 x 466.0
Slylandro Space (011.1 x 940.9) 520.0 x 514.0
Sol Vicinity (190.9 x 092.6) 506.0 x 474.0
Spathi Space (230.1 x 398.8) 466.0 x 514.0
Supox Space (775.2 x 890.6) 530.0 x 528.0
Unimportant (860.7 x 015.1) 458.0 x 492.0
Ur-Quan Space (611.6 x 413.1) 476.0 x 496.0
Ur-Quan/Thraddash (409.0 x 774.8) 476.0 x 458.0
Zoq-Fot-Pik Space (318.3 x 490.6) 502.0 x 460.0

Sylandro Probes

Melnorme the Trader

Rainbow Worlds

Bio-Rich Worlds

The Shofixti, VUX and Yehat

Ilwrath Removal