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The most recent build is v2.08, which is compatible with UQM v0.7.0.


Download the Windows files and extract them into UQM's main directory. The default install location is "C:/Program Files (x86)/The Ur-Quan Masters/" on modern Windows systems.

Download the effects package and place it to UQM\content\addons. Do not extract this zip.

Run uqm-improved-netmelee.exe to play.


We are looking for someone to build the Balance Mod on OS X. Please submit your binary to Github for review.

Debian, Ubuntu and derivatives[edit]

Binary DEB packages for Debian stable, as well as current (and LTS) Ubuntu are available here on i386 and amd64; download the binary for your distribution and install with:

sudo dpkg -i <package name>

Users of other versions, distributions, or architecures can build DEBs from source using the instructions here.

Everything Else[edit]

Here is the source code and the effects package. Compiling the game on Linux and Linux-like systems should be identical to compiling the original UQM code: Install the required dependencies and run ./ uqm