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Over the years, several games based on the Star Control experience have been made.

Commercial Games[edit]

Star Control 3[edit]

Main article: Star Control 3

After the success of Star Control II, Accolade commissioned the creation of a sequel. While Toys for Bob created Star Control II, Star Control 3 was created by Legend Entertainment. As it didn't live up to the high standards set by its predecessor, most Star Control II fans consider Star Control 3 non-canon.

Home of the Underdogs page: [1]


In an attempt to create another Star Control game, Accolade started development on another installment. It was eventually cancelled.

The Gameplay seems to have had more in common with Wing Commander than with Star Control.

Video of a prototype: [2]

Star Control flash game[edit]

In September 2007, Atari put online a simple Flash game with the name "Star Control" at This game was created by independent game developer Iocaine Studios. Atari ordered the creation of the game, to be delivered in just four days [3]. The web page containing the Flash applet has the title "Welcome to the Star Control Preview", suggesting that there is more to come. As of august 2009, there has been no news of further developments. The gameplay resembles the 1962 game Spacewar!, a spiritual ancestor of Toys for Bob's original Star Control.

Meta-data of images inside the Flash applet show a modification date of 2007-09-16 or 2007-09-17, suggesting that this was the weekend during which the game was created. One day later, images of this game were used in Atari's Declaration of Use In Commerce submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office with Atari's application for renewal of their trademark. The suspicious timing, together with the simple nature of the game and the fact that the game had to be delivered in just four days, has led some to believe that the game was created specifically for the purpose of retaining the Star Control Trademark [4].

Fan-created games in development[edit]

The Ur-Quan Masters[edit]

Main article: The Ur-Quan Masters

The Ur-Quan Masters is a modernised but faithful version of Star Control 2, built on the original C source code. It is playable on many modern systems, and boasts various graphics scalers, network SuperMelee, translations, (optional) high-quality remixed music, and improved modifiability.

Homepage: [5]


Main article: TimeWarp

TimeWarp is a multiplayer Star Control clone, written in C++.

Homepage: [6]


Main article: TimeWarp

TW-Light is a fork of the TimeWarp project.

Homepage: [7]


Main article: TWX

TW-Light is a another fork of the TimeWarp project.

Homepage: [8]

Dead fan-created games[edit]

These games are no longer in development, and it may even be hard to find them.

Star Control Online[edit]

Star Control Online is an online game developed by Chris Nelson, before starting the The Ur-Quan Masters project while working as an intern at Toys For Bob.

Star Control X[edit]

Star Control X is an early Star Control clone written in QBasic, for DOS.

Homepage: [9]

The Ur-Quan ReMasters[edit]

The Ur-Quan ReMasters was a Star Control clone under development, written in C#.

Homepage: [10]

Star Control Distant Empires[edit]

Star Control Distant Empires is another Star Control clone.

Homepage: [11]

Beyond Star Control: Expanding Realities[edit]

Beyond Star Control: Expanding Realities was another Star Control clone.

Archived homepage (now defunct): [12]

Star Control: The Light Obscured[edit]

Star Control: The Light Obscured was another Star Control clone.

Archived homepage (now defunct): [13]

StarControl: Skirmish[edit]

StarControl: Skirmish was another Star Control clone.

Archived homepage (now defunct): [14]

Melee clone[edit]

This was another Star Control Melee clone.

Archived homepage (now defunct): [15]

StarControl — Intermelee[edit]

StarControl — Intermelee was another Star Control clone.


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