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Star Control flash game[edit]

Copying the relevant text of the Iocaine blog entry, in case it disappears:

We were asked to develop a new game for them [Atari], but with a catch. This game had to be developed within 4 days…and we were asked to do it on a Thursday, which meant it would be due on Monday. The team panicked. There was no way we could make a new game from start to finish in only 4 days. We really needed the money though. Our debt was increasing and bills had to be paid. I sat the team down and discussed our options calmly while they all looked for sharp objects to throw at me.

The requirements for the game were pretty lenient. We decided to do it in Flash since a web game could be done in a short amount of time. There was a problem. We had never done anything in Flash before. Plus, I had to convince the team to work over the weekend, which was a life threatening task, but eventually I convinced them.

Friday morning was spent learning Flash and doing a rough design of the game. On Saturday, we built the engine, made some art assets, and started integrating the gameplay. By Sunday, we had something playable, but buggy. By Sunday night, the game was fun and pretty balanced. We submitted it to Atari on Monday and made enough to feed ourselves for another month. The game is called Star Control. We were going for a fighting game with ships. Something you can play with a friend sitting next to you for a few minutes at work. You can check it out at (keep in mind it was only done in 2 days)


I was the developer of Intermelee. I don't think it deserves inclusion on this list, because i never released a playable version. It was just a crappy sprite engine and a whole lot of talk on IRC. 2001:4830:1703:0:211:24ff:fec5:fb9b 11:06, 14 June 2007 (CEST)

It had a theme song too! I totally screwed up when I criticized it. Very sticky tune. --2002:805B:C9C0:D:21E:C2FF:FEBB:48CB 19:47, 14 August 2009 (UTC)