Stunray Bolt-Beamer Gun

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The Stunray Bolt-Beamer Gun, or simply Stunner, is the standard weapon built into Precursor Lander vehicles and is most likely Precursor in origin, though it is never explicitly described as such. The Gun allows a lander crew to incapacitate any indigenous lifeform they encounter and to bring it back aboard The Flagship for further study. It can also be used to immobilize an overly aggressive lifeform that threatens the lander. Some lifeforms, usually the more violent and more valuable ones, require several shots before they can be knocked out and placed in the magnetic restraints typical used to transport captured lifeforms. An extreme example of this is the VUX Beast. The analysis of captured lifeforms is most advantageous in trading with the Melnorme who, as the Slylandro admit, are Biology Nuts. This is fortunate since the Melnorme sell technology that can improve the rate of fire of the Gun, making hunting trips both easier and safer.

There are a few downsides to the Gun. One of these is its effect on mineral deposits. Mineral deposits that are struck by shots from the stunner are destroyed. Therefore it is advisable to be cautious when hunting on mineral rich worlds. Another downside is that the shots are ineffective against large, metallic object such as spaceships, as was found out when a lander crew discover the Spathi Fwiffo hiding on the surface of Pluto. In this instance, according to Fwiffo, the lander's approach triggered the ship's automated defense systems to open fire. The lander crew return fire to no avail and retreat after eight crew members are killed. However, the shots do destroy the Brainbox Bulldozers that roam the Lunar surface.