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Did you make most of this up?

I just changed one thing, but I'm pretty sure we don't get as detailed an explanation of how the Stunner works as you have here -- it's a *Precursor* device made for Precursor landers. (Remember the manual tells us quite clearly that the landers, too, are Precursor tech -- they're built as two-Precursor landers but can hold 18 Humans.) And they do, in fact, work on the bulldozer robots on the Moon. It's probably not that they can't pierce metal at all, but that a starship like an Eluder is armored/shielded too thickly for the Stunner to pierce -- as one after all ought to expect.

Is the Stunner Precursor?[edit]

Yes, we don't know for sure if it is; the lander is Precursor, but the Stunner could be anything; just because the Melnorme have upgrades for it it doesn't mean that it is Precursor, as are the upgrades - remember the Knowledge Tablets in SC1?
What we know is that it is possible for it to be Precursor, but this means at most a mention in the article text, not in the category. Valaggar 11:35, 5 June 2007 (CEST)

Yes, but the Stunner exists on the lander prior to any encounter with Melnorme or the encounter with the earth starbase. If the Stunner isn't precursor in origin then it has to be Alliance, which imo is a much harder sell. The colony on the Unzervalt likely didn't have the technology - when they had to interface with the flagship, they didn't use their own computers - they took the mainframe from the precursor factory. I would argue that occam's razor applies here - the origin of the SBBG that makes the least number of assumptions is a precursor origin. --Fyzixfighter 04:03, 11 June 2007 (CEST)
Interfacing with The Flagship's computer systems is something very different - instead of just placing a turret on your car, it's interacting with a complex electronic system with its own language etc. etc.; a better argument for you would have been that they didn't use Stunners to hunt Ortogs and Libixxes, but the Stunner is likely a big weapon, so we shouldn't make assumptions. It is more likely that it is Precursor, but not so much more likely. Remember that only the facts should be stated on the Ultronomicon. Valaggar 14:25, 11 June 2007 (CEST)