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Game objectives - required items

Sa-Matra Deep Child Egg Case Fragments - Syreen Shuttle - Sun Device - HyperWave Broadcaster
Clear Spindle - Aqua Helix - Rosy Sphere - Ultron - Utwig Bomb
Taalo Shield - Talking Pet (device)
Yehat Rebellion VUX Beast - Shofixti Maidens
QuasiSpace Ur-Quan Warp Pod - QuasiSpace Portal Spawner

This is just an attempt to create something like what I've seen on some wikipedia articles. It was also inspired by the addition of "Gameplay notes" on some pages. I'm still not sure how useful something like this would be. This would be placed at the bottom of the page and allow easier navigation of related "quest" items. I think I got the three main independent quests covered, and I don't recall any other ones at the moment.