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Star Control I[edit]

All music tracks for the original PC version of Star Control I were composed by Tommy Dunbar. These included the title screen theme, the Hierarchy and Alliance victory themes, and the victory ditties. For the Amiga and Genesis versions of the game, the title screen theme and the faction victory themes were replaced with new tracks by Erol Otus. The victory ditties and Erol Otus' title screen theme carried over to Star Control II, the latter as the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za conversation theme.

Star Control II[edit]

PC version[edit]

One of the most admired facets of Star Control II was its music. Paul Reiche III and Fred Ford decided to use the Amiga's MOD format for the game's music, which provided richer sound than the MIDI music that most contemporary games used. A public contest was held, with the winners receiving prize money and having their music included in the game. Riku Nuottajärvi won the main prize, as well as several regular prizes. Other contributors were Eric Berge, Aaron Grier, and Kevin Palivec. Marc Brown also won a prize and is credited, but his track, sc2.marucombat1, did not get included in the game. After the contest, Dan Nicholson was hired to compose the rest of the game's soundtrack.

3DO version[edit]

For the 3DO version, several new music tracks were composed by Crystal Dynamics' composer, Burke Trieschmann.1 One such track replaced Kevin Palivec's QuasiSpace theme. He also remixed the interplanetary, orbit, outfit, shipyard, battle, and HyperSpace themes from the original game.

Precursors' Remixes[edit]

For the open-source version of The Ur-Quan Masters, a volunteer team called the Precursors remixed the entire soundtrack of the game. The remixes were released in four packs. Riku Nuottajärvi, one of the original game's composers, was part of the Precursors' core team.

This page provides links to the original tracks and their remixes. Various artists have contributed remixes, with the most comprehensive remixing project completed by the Precursors Remixing Team, some of whom worked on the original music.

Track lists[edit]

Conversation themes[edit]

Track PC Title PC Composer PC Link Precursors Title Precursors Composer Precursors Link
Arilou Lalee'lay Going back a bit Dan Nicholson arilou.mod Welcome to Falayalaralfali Espen Gätzschmann Arilou__Welcome_to_Falayalaralfali.mp3
Chmmr working song Dan Nicholson chmmr.mod Photosynthesis Amir Keren chmmr.ogg
Commander Hayes star control2,tune4 Riku Nuottajärvi comandr.mod Corridor Nine Riku Nuottajärvi Starbase_Commander__Corridor_Nine.mp3
Druuge Druuge Dan Nicholson druuge.mod Property of the Crimson Corporation Jouni Airaksinen Druuge__Property_of_the_Crimson_Corporation.mp3
Ilwrath Ur-Quan Kzer-Za Dan Nicholson ilwrath.mod All Evil Riku Nuottajärvi Ilwrath__All_Evil.mp3
Melnorme mod.POTATOJUICE Eric Berge melnorm.mod Turning Purple Riku Nuottajärvi Melnorme__Turning_Purple.mp3
Mycon star control2,tune2 Riku Nuottajärvi mycon.mod Rebirth Riku Nuottajärvi Mycon__Rebirth.mp3
Orz ORZ3.MOD Eric Berge orz.mod *Squeezing* the *Juice* Riku Nuottajärvi Orz__Squeezing_the_Juice.mp3
Pkunk PKUNK2.MOD Eric Berge pkunk.mod Pkunks Not Dead András Barják Pkunk__Pkunks_Not_Dead.mp3
Shofixti SHOFIX2.MOD Dan Nicholson shofixt.mod Bonsai! George E. Nowik Shofixti__Bonsai!.mp3
Slylandro Homeworld MOD.ZANYGYRA Eric Berge slyhome.mod Floating Gas Bags Espen Gätzschmann & Tore Aune Fjellstad Slylandro_Home__Floating_Gas_Bags.mp3
Slylandro Probe We Come In Peace 2 Dan Nicholson slyland.mod We Come In Peace! Espen Gätzschmann & Tore Aune Fjellstad Slylandro_Probes__We_Come_In_Peace.mp3
Spathi W2.MOD Eric Berge spathi.mod Safe Haven Jouni Airaksinen Spathi_Safe_Haven.mp3
Spathi (alternate) W2.MOD Eric Berge spathi.mod Fwiffo's Starrunner Jouni Airaksinen Spathi__Fwiffos_Starrunner.mp3
Supox Fuchia fantasy Aaron Grier supox.mod Shake Yer Rootz András Barják supox.ogg
Syreen SYREEN2.MOD Eric Berge syreen.mod Close Encounters of the Seventh Kind Espen Gätzschmann & Tore Aune Fjellstad Syreen__Close_Encounters_of_the_Seventh_Kind.mp3
Talking Pet Pet - unfinished - Dan Nicholson talkpet.mod Didn't You Mean To Ask About Flowers? Riku Nuottajärvi Didnt_You_Mean_To_Ask_About_Flowers.mp3
Thraddash star control2,tune1 Riku Nuottajärvi thradd.mod Culture 19 Espen Gätzschmann & Tore Aune Fjellstad Thraddash__Culture_19.mp3
Umgah Umgah Theme Dan Nicholson umgah.mod Genetic Modification Jouni Airaksinen Umgah__Genetic_Modification.mp3
Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah Slyandro theme Dan Nicholson blackur.mod Cleansing Required Riku Nuottajärvi Kohr-Ah__Cleansing_Required.mp3
Ur-Quan Kzer-Za urq.mod / Untitled song Erol Otus urquan.mod Now and Forever Espen Gätzschmann & Tore Aune Fjellstad Ur-Quan__Now_and_Forever.mp3
Utwig Utwig Theme Dan Nicholson utwig.mod Mask of Ultimate Embarrasment and Shame Espen Gätzschmann & Tore Aune Fjellstad utwig.ogg
Utwig (alternate) Utwig Theme Dan Nicholson utwig.mod The Ultron Casey Monroe utwigult.ogg
VUX Alien Doom Dan Nicholson vux.mod Ultra-gross! Espen Gätzschmann & Tore Aune Fjellstad VUX__Ultra-gross!.mp3
Yehat star control2,tune6 Riku Nuottajärvi yehat.mod Years Late Mix Riku Nuottajärvi & Harri Hakala Yehat__Years_Late_Mix.mp3
Zoq-Fot-Pik Zot Fot Piq Dan Nicholson zoqfot.mod Frungy Party András Barják Zoq-Fot-Pik__Frungy_Party.mp3

Other tracks[edit]

Track PC Title PC Composer PC Link 3DO Composer 3DO Link Precursors Title Precursors Composer Precursors Link
Intro INTROx.MOD Riku Nuottajärvi & Dan Nicholson introx.mod Burke Trieschmann (original) - Into the Void Matt Bentley Intro__Into_the_Void.mp3
Super Melee Attack! Dan Nicholson battle.mod Burke Trieschmann - The Battle of the Sa-Matra Jouni Airaksinen Melee__The_Battle_of_the_SaMatra.mp3
Credits N/A N/A N/A Burke Trieschmann - So Long and Thanks for All the Orz Riku Nuottajärvi & Harri Hakala Credits__So_Long_and_Thanks_for_All_the_Orz.mp3
HyperSpace star control2,tune5 Riku Nuottajärvi hyper.mod Burke Trieschmann hyper.ogg Across the Galaxy Riku Nuottajärvi hyper.ogg
HyperSpace (alternate) star control2,tune5 Riku Nuottajärvi hyper.mod Burke Trieschmann hyper.ogg Lightyears Away Jouni Airaksinen hyper.ogg
Interplanetary Configuring Ship Dan Nicholson space.mod Burke Trieschmann - Exploration Jouni Airaksinen Solar System - Exploration
Orbit 1 ORBITX.MOD Dan Nicholson orbitx.mod Burke Trieschmann - To Mine the Heavens Jouni Airaksinen Orbit I - To Mine the Heavens
Orbit 2 N/A N/A N/A Burke Trieschmann - Around the Rainbow Worlds Jouni Airaksinen Orbit II - Around the Rainbow Worlds
Orbit 3 N/A N/A N/A Burke Trieschmann - Planet Red Alert Jouni Airaksinen Orbit III - Planet Red Alert
Orbit 4 N/A N/A N/A Burke Trieschmann - Cold Tectonics Jouni Airaksinen Orbit IV - Cold Tectonics
Orbit 5 N/A N/A N/A Burke Trieschmann - Extraterrestrial Lifeforms Espen Gätzschmann Orbit V - Extraterrestrial Lifeforms
Outfit Starship Theme Music? Dan Nicholson outfit.mod Burke Trieschmann - Outfit the Vindicator Jouni Airaksinen Outfit__Outfit_the_Vindicator.mp3
QuasiSpace mystic shadows Kevin Palivec - Burke Trieschmann (original) - Through the Angles of Space Jouni Airaksinen QuasiSpace__Through_the_Angles_of_Space.mp3
Red Alert REDALERT.MOD Dan Nicholson REDALERT.MOD N/A N/A Encounter in Space Jouni Airaksinen Red_Alert__Encounter_in_Space.mp3
Shipyard Druuge Music Dan Nicholson shipyard.mod Burke Trieschmann - Rough Repair Dan Nicholson Shipyard__Rough_Repair.mp3
Starbase Menu Alien Trance Dan Nicholson STARBASE.MOD Burke Trieschmann - Under a Red Sky Espen Gätzschmann & Tore Aune Fjellstad Starbase__Under_a_Red_Sky.mp3
Victory 1 Victory Song 1 Dan Nicholson - Burke Trieschmann (original) - N/A N/A N/A
Victory 2 Victory Song 2 Dan Nicholson - Burke Trieschmann (original) - N/A N/A N/A
Final Victory Final Victory Theme Dan Nicholson ENDTHEME.MOD Burke Trieschmann (original) - Awaking Dreams Matt Bentley Outro__Awaking_Dreams.mp3


The Ditties are the little snippets that are heard when a ship is victorious in combat.

Androsynth andditty.mod

Arilou ariditty.mod

Kohr-Ah bladitty.mod

Chenjesu cheditty.mod

Chmmr chmditty.mod

Druuge druditty.mod

Human humditty.mod

Ilwrath ilwditty.mod

Melnorme melditty.mod

Mmrnmhrm mmrditty.mod

Mycon mycditty.mod

Orz orzditty.mod

Pkunk pkuditty.mod

Precursor ship (Vindicator) sisditty.mod

Shofixti shoditty.mod

Slylandro slyditty.mod

Spathi spaditty.mod

Supox supditty.mod

Syreen syrditty.mod

Thraddash thrditty.mod

Umgah umgditty.mod

Ur-Quan (Kzer-Za) urqditty.mod

Utwig utwditty.mod

Vux vuxditty.mod

Yehat yehditty.mod

Zoq-Fot-Pik zoqditty.mod

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Miscellaneous tracks[edit]

  • A version with vocals for the Melnorme theme exists, performed by Eric Berge's band, Robots Are Supreme: [1]
  • The original non-looped version of the Pkunk theme is available, called mod.FESTIVE_FRENZY: [2]
  • The original full version of the Syreen theme is also available, called mod.Wacky_Groove: [3]
1The 3DO version's credits list him as Burke Treischmann, but other games he worked on list him as Burke Trieschmann.