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I wrote this while working on Yehat Rebellion. This was unnecessary detail on that particular article, but I think the content can be used elsewhere. I'll probably seek to integrate it into the Yehat or Veep-Neep Dynasty articles.


Main article: Veep-Neep Dynasty, Yehat.

History of the Veep-Neep Queens[edit]

In its long history, the Yehat race was loosely-organized into several Warrior Clans who waged continuous war on each other. Many of the clan warlords sought to forcibly unite the clans and become King of all Yehat Clans. Each one failed to ally the clans under military might.

A female of the Veep-Neep clan peacefully united the Warrior Clans with a simple promise: that the Clans would never suffer defeat under her rule. Under the leadership of her and her descendants for over two thousand years, the united Warrior Clans were never defeated and eventually achieved space travel on their own.

The latest Veep-Neep Queen, however, began to cause dissent among the Clans. She transferred positions of inflience and power from the military-minded Starship Clans to the sycophantic Homeworld Clans. This meant that, among other things, the actions of the military were largely decided by those with little military experience. The Starship Clans were largely ignored in Yehat politics.

Yehat shame in the First War[edit]

During the First War with the Ur-Quan Hierarchy, the Veep-Neep Queen caused even more dissent within the ranks. The Yehat were faced with the prospect of losing a war for the first time while under Veep-Neep rule.

When the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za entered the Yehat home star system at Gamma Serpentis, the Queen immediately joined the Ur-Quan Hierarchy as battle thralls before firing a shot. Since they technically did not lose to the Ur-Quan, the Starship Clans saw this as a desperate bid by the Queen to keep her ancestral promise and to hold on to what little power she had; however, they were powerless to influence her decision.

The Queen brought further shame to the Starship Clans when she ordered the immediate withdrawal of all Yehat forces from their defensive positions in the Shofixti home star system at Delta Gorno. While extremely reluctant to do so, the Yehat military obeyed and left the Shofixti to face the Ur-Quan forces by themselves. The Yehat were even more ashamed when the Shofixti fought bravely and to the death until their fleet was destroyed. Finally, their shame was complete when, rather than surrender to the Uq-Quan Kzer-Za, the Shofixti ignited their own sun to destroy all life from Delta Gorno and annihilate the Ur-Quan armada.