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Purpose of List of Devices[edit]

I made this comment on the article's talk page, but I wasn't certain you had seen it. Anyways, I was wondering what your rationale was for creating List of Devices when List of alien artifacts already exists. In other words, what does this new list do that the already existing list does not do? If both of these lists are to remain, then each should have some purpose for existing that distinguishes them from the category and from each other. I'm guessing that part of your reasoning is because "Devices" is the menu option that allows players to access the artifacts in the Flagship's manifest. If this is the case, it might open up ways to distinguish this list from the other, or it may indicate the need to augment the list of alien artifacts, to reconsider the naming of that list, or to create a redirect from list of devices to list of alien artifacts. As it is right now, the new list looks almost identical to the original list, in which case I think making List of Devices a redirect to List of alien artifacts would be more appropriate. --Fyzixfighter 22:01, 22 January 2009 (CET)