Stunray Bolt-Beamer Gun

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The Stunray Bolt-Beamer Gun (SBBG) is the standard weapon built into Precursor Lander vehicles.

The SBBG generates a powerful neural blocker beam effective on all unshielded lifeforms, thus stunning the target and allowing it to be brought back abord The Flagship for furthur study. This is most advantageous in trading with the Melnorme, who as the Slylandro admitted, are Biology Nuts.

The only downside to the SBBG is that it cannot pierce any metallic object as was found out when the Spathi Fwiffo was discovered hiding on the surface of Pluto. In this instance, according to Fwiffo, the lander's approach triggered the ship's automated defense systems to open fire. The lander crew returned fire to no avail and retreated after eight crew members had been killed.