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No problems. Redlink categories are a rare thing to see, so what you did wasn't wrong. You've been making some great contributions so far. :-) --Phoenix (t) 16:02, 30 Oct 2005 (CET)

Your recent image uploads

Hey Cosumel, I know you recently spent a lot of time on the Ultronomicon, especially gathering and uploading the "realistic" images of the various planetary bodies in the Solar System. However, past consensus seems to be against the use of such realistic images, especially when their source is unknown (due to copyright issues, among other things). I think it's much more appropriate to use screenshots from the game for these things, even if photographs currently exist. After all, this is a Wiki about a game, right? :-) Take a look at Earth and Mars, both of which have plenty of current photographs, but both of which currently use screenshots from the orbit screen. Thanks, Phoenix (t) 06:51, 1 Nov 2005 (CET)


Thanks... I think we're trying to make this more as a description of history than as an instruction manual or walkthrough. --Phoenix (t) 07:15, 17 Nov 2005 (CET)


Hi Cosumel. If you are interested in how to make PlanetBoxes, or wiki tables like it, you can look at how it is done here. I made the PlanetBox by modifying Jacius' Racebox, which was a modified version of the RaceBox made by Mmrnmhrm. I just looked at how they did it, read a little about templates on the main wiki page and created my own. Be aware though that SvdB, who created and runs this wiki has expressed apprenhension about overdoing it with raw data. I also went a step further and created the ill-fated StarBox. You can read here that SvdB felt that I was getting a little out of hand with my wiki tables. If you do plan to create a table, I recommend following Jacius' lead, as I did, and place your experiments in a link under your Username. Good luck. --PsiPhi 01:22, 16 Dec 2005 (CET)