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c. 250,000 BCE The Precursors travel the galaxy for a few thousand years. In this time, they meet the Slylandro. They suddenly disappear, leaving behind numerous artifacts.
c. 54,000 BCE Dugee, the purity monitor for the Mycon, dies of a "general misfunction". Little is known about the Mycon before that time. (Though the Umgah later speculate that the Mycon did not evolve naturally, and were engineered.)
c. 27,000—23,000 BCE The Ur-Quan overcome their territorial nature and become a spacefaring race. An association of spacefaring races called the Sentient Milieu discover them and recruit them as a member. The Ur-Quan travel the galaxy meeting other races, including the Slylandro.
c. 22,000 BCE The Faz join the Sentient Milieu.
c. 20,000 BCE The Dnyarri discovered by the Ur-Quan. Within a few weeks, the Dnyarri use mind control to enslave and dominate the Sentient Milieu. The Taalo, the Yuli, and the Drall are destroyed by the enslaved races.
c. 17,500 BCE The Dnyarri are overthrown by the Ur-Quan. The Path of Now and Forever and the Eternal Doctrine are formulated. The Kzer-Za enslave the Faz, the Kohr-Ah annihilate the Yuptar, and the Mael-Num utter the Words as they flee their homeworld.
The Ur-Quan experience a schism called the Doctrinal Conflict, which the Kzer-Za win by using a Precursor battleship called the Sa-Matra. The two Ur-Quan factions agree to travel the galaxy in different directions, intending to meet on the other side of the galaxy thousands of years in the future. In this time, the Kohr-Ah will annihilate thousands of species, with the Ur-Quan enslaving a comparable number.
c. 100 CE The Yehat are ruled by the Veep-Neep dynasty, who rule continuously for the next two millenia.
c. 1100 CE The Yehat enter their space age. Their warrior culture leads the more mystical Pkunk to separate.
c. 1200 CE The first Mmrnmhrm appear near the Virginis constellation, constructed by the Mother-Ark. They begin colonizing planets and meet the Chenjesu.
c. 1700 CE The Spathi find their homeworld overrun by "The Evil Ones". Within a hundred years, they advance to their Space Age and flee to their moon.
1940 Multiple alien species detect radio transmissions from Earth. The Ur-Quan Kzer-Za begin forming plans to attack.
2015 The Humans' Small War of 2015.
2019 Creation of the first Androsynth on Earth. They are condemned by a cult called Homo Deus, and quickly lose their rights until they are enslaved.
2025 The confiscation and storage of all weapons of mass destruction by the United Nations in so-called Peace Vaults, resulting in the first year without war on Earth.
2035 Cataclysm caused by a Deep Child makes Syra uninhabitable, forcing Syreen to flee.
2075 Yehat discover and "uplift" the Shofixti, giving them spacefaring technology.
2085 The Clone Revolt. The Androsynth secretly discover HyperSpace technology and flee Earth.
c. 2098 Ur-Quan Kzer-Za arrive in our region of space from the Ophiuchi constellation.
Ur-Quan Kzer-Za subjugate the Thraddash, who are then left to "guard the rear".
2100s (presumed) Ur-Quan Kzer-Za subjugate the Umgah.
2111 (presumed) Ur-Quan Kzer-Za subjugate the Ilwrath.
Ur-Quan Kzer-Za subjugate the Spathi.
2112 The Chenjesu first contact Earth.
2116 The Alliance of Free Stars is formed, including the Chenjesu, the Mmrnmhrm, the Yehat, the Shofixti, and the Humans. One day later, the Arilou Lalee'lay arrive on Earth's moon and ask to join the Alliance.
Ur-Quan Kzer-Za subjugate the Androsynth.
2119 The Insult (most probably; possibly in 2126). The Ur-Quan Kzer-Za subjugate the VUX soon afterwards.
Early 2120s (presumed) The Mycon voluntarily join the Hierarchy.
The Syreen enter Alliance space and unofficially join the Alliance.
c.2124 (presumed) The Ur-Quan Slave War begins in earnest as the Hierarchy engages the Alliance at the Coreward Front.
2134 Discovery of a Precursor facility on Unzervalt.
The Ur-Quan Kzer-Za first use the Sa-Matra in battle, quickly wiping out all Alliance defenses and breaking through the Coreward Front.
Chenjesu and Mmrnmhrm defeated and slave-shielded on Procyon II.
Humans defeated and slave-shielded on Earth. Numerous ancient sites are destroyed.
The Arilou see that the Earthlings are safe within the slave shield, and vanish.
The Yehat and the Shofixti fall back to the Gorno system. The Yehat queen surrenders to the Ur-Quan and orders their fleet back to space. The Shofixti sacrifice themselves in a last stand, using a Precursor bomb to trigger a supernova. 30% of the Hierarchy war fleet is destroyed.
Isolated with no allies, the Syreen surrender to the Ur-Quan. The Ur-Quan help them find a new home planet, called Gaia.
2135 The war officially ends.
The Captain is born on Unzervalt.
The VUX force Admiral ZEX to retire to Alpha Cerenkov I.
2137 The Ilwrath patrolling Earth orbit leave. Over the next several years, the Spathi also leave. The last patrol is Fwiffo.
2142 Destruction of the Gg by the Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah.
c. 2145 The Androsynth make contact with another dimension.
Destruction of the Burvixese by the Kohr-Ah.
c. 2146 At age 9, the Captain activates the Precursor facility on Unzervalt. It begins building a starship.
c. 2147 The Kohr-Ah encounter the Kzer-Za, and the two factions of Ur-Quan begin their Second Doctrinal Conflict. All other Ur-Quan activity ends, including battles with other species, and supplies to starbases.
The Umgah use a HyperWave Broadcaster to play practical jokes on the Ilwrath, Spathi, and Pkunk. The Ilwrath attack the Pkunk.
c. 2150 The Androsynth encounter a massive land war. They are eliminated from known space. The Orz arrive from another dimension.
c. 2151 The Utwig break the Ultron.
2153 An Ur-Quan ship crash lands. The only survivor is a Talking Pet, which is rescued by the Arilou and given to the Umgah for medical study.
2155 Arrival of the Precursor ship at Earth; start of Star Control II's events.
2159 Start of the Kohr-Ah Death March, if not delayed or prevented.
2160 Start of the Kohr-Ah Death March, if delayed but not prevented.

Graphical timeline of the Ur-Quan Conflicts[edit]

The events marked by blue are known to have occurred within a specific year or time frame. Those events marked by red represent the best-guess estimates as to when the actual events occurred.

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