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This page is currently incomplete. We encourage you to edit and expand it.

The purpose of this article is to clarify which events are mandatory and which are optional. Some articles in Ultronomicon assume the best-case scenario with the player completing all quests and events in the best way, but there is some discussion that this is not the ideal way to cover the events of Star Control II.

You can document mandatory events without restriction, but try and point out that optional events might not happen. There are a few ways you can do this:

  • Create a new heading titled "Optional events". Document all the mandatory events before this section and all the optional events in this section.
  • Use a cause-and-effect structure of sentencing to clarify that certain events only occur if the protagonist completes a certain game event. In a completely fictional example:
    "Mars is the home of ultra-powerful psionic beings.
    If The Captain meets these beings, they dominate the crew of The Flagship and invade the other races. The entire galaxy falls under the dominion of the Great Martian Empire."

This page is still very much a work in progress. Please feel free to add or modify what you see here. If you disagree with any of the following points, please add "(disputed, see talk)" and bring it up in the talk page.

Mandatory events[edit]

These events will occur if the player successfully completes the game. Each child event represents events that must occur in order for the parent event to occur. This list also assumes that the player does not take advantage of the Kohr-Ah Death March to avoid child events. Historical events are all considered mandatory, as are any of the events mentioned at the end of the game (except for the "blooper reel", of course).


Needed to finish the game[edit]

Destroy the Sa-Matra

Assumed as mandatory[edit]

These events are assumed, either because the game would be nearly impossible to complete without them1 or simply because it "makes sense" in the game. Each child event represents events that must occur in order for the parent event to occur.

Mandatory Alliance membership[edit]

The following races will be part of the New Alliance of Free Stars if the player successfully completes the game.

Optional events (explicit)[edit]

While anything not mentioned above should be considered optional, the following list contains events that are explicitly optional. The main purpose of this list is to clarify events that might be considered mandatory, but are actually optional.


  • The Ilwrath and the Thraddash do not necessarily wipe each other out.
    • It can be assumed that The Captain destroys the Sa-Matra before the Ilwrath and Thraddash wipe each other out.
    • Since the remaining Chmmr and allied fleets manage to defeat the remaining Dreadnought and Marauder fleets, it can also be assumed that they can defeat or control the remaining battle thralls as well—including the Ilwrath and the Thraddash.
  • The Captain meets Fwiffo, who joins his fleet and survives until the end of the game.
    • It is possible to goad Fwiffo into fighting by selecting "You attacked our lander -- killed our crew! Prepare to die.", an option immediately available when The Captain first talks to Fwiffo.
    • While optional, this event may become part of the accepted canon based on comments made by Paul Reiche III on what a future sequel may entail.
  • The Captain doesn't necessarily meet with the Slylandro to stop their Probes
    • This probably doesn't require much of an explanation. Beyond their friendship and some interesting background information (especially about their glowy bits), the Slylandro gasbags provide nothing towards the final goal of destroying the Sa-Matra.
  • Allying with the Zoq-Fot-Pik and subsequently saving them.
  • Acquiring a Portal Spawner
    1. Recover the Ur-Quan Warp Pod from Alpha Pavonis VII
    2. Give the Ur-Quan Warp Pod to the Arilou

Optional Alliance membership[edit]

The following races will only be a part of the New Alliance of Free Stars through player actions. Any races not mentioned here or in the mandatory Alliance section above will not join the Alliance regardless of player actions. Where mentioned, parent actions only occur if the child actions also occur.

Official members of the Alliance who send ship designs and starship captains to the Earth Starbase

These races provide assistance, but are never official members of the Alliance (but only through player actions)