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==Work in progress==
==Work in progress==
**[[Alpha Centauri]]
**[[Beta Centauri]]
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*[[Toys For Bob]] - wikify
*[[Toys For Bob]] - wikify
*[[Shofixti]] - <s>copyedit</s>, <s>update</s>, <s>headings</s>, details
*[[Shofixti]] - <s>copyedit</s>, <s>update</s>, <s>headings</s>, details

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I like to hold fuzzy little animals and give them huggie-wuggies.

Phoenix in brief

I have been a fan of Star Control I and Star Control II since 1992. I am new to the world of Wiki, but this is the perfect subject for me in which to contribute. I am currently a tech writer in the software development field and I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I don't remember too much of the history and storylines, therefore, I will tend to contribute more to the tactical articles than the storyline articles. I will also try to edit and copyedit content as I see them.

I'm also on Wikipedia (as Deathphoenix).

The Ultronomicon currently consists of 580 articles.

Favourite ships

In general, I favour fast, mobile ships with medium- to long-range weaponry.

Star Control I

Shofixti Scout & Arilou Skiff

In Star Control I, I usually played the Alliance when in Melee mode, where I chose the Shofixti Scout as a kamikaze sacrifice to fight the computer enemy before choosing the real counter-attacker. Eventually, I could kill more ships before having to use the Glory device, and the Scout became my ship of choice.

I liked playing the Arilou Skiff because of the cheap planet-hugging tactic. I could also defeat the Mycon Podship with relative ease - something I could not readily accomplish with the Scout.

Star Control II

Supox Blade & Spathi Eluder

In Star Control II, I found that the mobility of the Supox Blade was a huge boon against the greatly improved computer AI. I could also readily defeat my brother, who favoured using larger ships. The computer AI could easily be fooled by a strafing run or full charge-reverse charge manoeuvre.

I didn't usually play the Hierarchy ships in Star Control I because of the general lack of mobility of their ships, but after using Captain Fwiffo's specially modified, super-efficient, mass-destruction-oriented starship (which could lay siege to an entire planetary system if he so chose), I began to appreciate the near-invincibility of the Eluder against the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za and Kohr-Ah ships. The great mobility and B.U.T.T. missiles made this a very effective ship.


Work in progress

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Style guide-related edit summaries

  • Fix race box consistency (see [[Ultronomicon:Manual of Style]])
  • Fix player-determined names (see [[Ultronomicon:Manual of Style]])
  • Fix race/ship capitalisation (see [[Ultronomicon:Manual of Style]])